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July 16, 2005

Is Judy Miller Deep Throat?

-- by Gary Boatwright

Bilmon has a very intriguing post up that accepts the assumption that Karl Rove actually did learn Valerie Plame's identity from a reporter. Only the reporter was Judy Miller instead of Robert Novak. That would certainly explain the big mystery about why Judy Miller is the only person sitting in jail.

After parsing all of the possibilities, inclulding the possibility that Rove still had a legal and ethical obligation to keep Plame's identity secret, regardless of where he learned it from, Bilmon ponders the implications:

The first is that Judy Miller very well may be the key to the case. If Rove (as well as Scooter Libby) testified that they originally heard about Plame from another journalist, and if Fitzgerald has decided (probably based on phone records) that Miller is that person, then it's easy to see why Judy is sitting in jail right now. She's the only person in the world who can contradict Rove's story. However, if Miller is Rove's original source, she would have many reasons to want to avoid testifying, including:
protecting her original source

not being indicted under the espionage statute (if she knew that Plame's relationship with the CIA was classified information)

not having to admit publicly that she was a cog in Rove's intelligence gathering and sliming operation.

If Miller did tell Rove that Plame was a NOC, then to that list you could add:
avoiding the need to choose between fingering the most powerful political operative in the country or committing perjury in front of a grand jury.

If Miller actually was Rove's source, then I'm guessing that jail cell in Alexandria probably doesn't seem like such a bad place to be right now, considering the alternatives.

Well that certainly puts Judy Miller's noble sacrifice for "the profession" in a different light doesn't it? Is the ass in CYA hers? Visit The Whiskey Bar if your throat is parched for more analysis and information.

Posted by Gary Boatwright at July 16, 2005 12:08 AM

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