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May 24, 2010

How Much Oil? STILL No Answer?

-- by Dave Johnson

Has the government stepped in and demanded measurements of how much oil is coming out of that hole in the floor of the ocean yet?

No? We still don't have a government?

As I wrote in February,

But my own gauge of a return to actual governance by rule of law is when I open my morning paper here in Silicon Valley and see that the government is going after a few companies for age discrimination. Never mind prosecuting people for torture, illegally invading a country, crony capitalism, or destroying the country. No, I'll believe that radical change is beginning when they are willing to take on something so blatant , obvious and wrong as the firing of people when they reach 40 or so that is going on here in front of everyone's eyes out here.

And back in September

I ask because I have not heard of any new enforcement of employment regulations here in Silicon Valley. For example, in the rare cases where any hiring is occurring, is the government checking to make sure that the rampant age discrimination has stopped? Are they making sure that women are paid the same for the same jobs? Are they going after companies that pollute? etc?

Nope, still no functioning government.

Posted by Dave Johnson at May 24, 2010 8:31 PM


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